BirthStone Monogrammed Bracelet

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Mothers Day Gift Personal Monogram Bracelet With Mom's BirthstoneCircle Monogram Name Bracelets Cut 3 Initials Monogrammed Bracelets

There never was a woman like her. She was gentle as a dove and brave as a lioness... The memory of my mother and her teachings were,after all,the only capital I had to start life with,and on that capital I have made my way.

Put our best wish to our mother. 

  • Fonts:Monogram Bracelet
  • Materail :925 Silver 
  • Letters:3 letters (Like aBc B will put in the middle of Bracelet)
  • Thickness:1.2mm(0.47Inch)
  • The pendent Size :3cm(1.25Inch)
  • The Hight of the bangle:7mm(0.27inch)

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