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Do you fancy yourself a wordsmith and want to show off how much you love the game of Scrabble? Then you definitely need to check out our Scrabble Necklace! Select your favorite letter to wear. Many celebrities love this fun fashion trend, and you can see it featured in many television shows, including "Pretty Little Liars."
Each Scrabble piece necklace has not only the letter but the corresponding numeric value! Get a "Z" with ten points or an "M" with three points. (Please note you cannot choose the point value for each letter.) Our Scrabble Necklace also makes a great gift for any occasion!
  • Material :925 sterling silver
  • Font : Arial
  • Letter option: A1 B3 C3 D2 E1 F4 G2 H4 I1 J8 K5 L1 M3 N1 O1 P3 Q10 R1 S1 T1 U1 V4 W4 X8 Y4 Z10
  • Pendant size : 1.5CM*1.5CM(0.6INCH*0.6INCH)
  • Pendant thickness: 1.2MM(0.047")
  • Weight : 4.9 g
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