Family Tree with Engraved Names Necklace

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Looking for the perfect gift for any mom out there? You should definitely get her the Filigree Family Tree Birthstone Necklace. Designed especially for moms in mind, this birthstone necklace for moms allows you to choose Crystals representing the birth month of each family member as well as include an engraving of each of their names. No other birthstone necklaces out there offers so much glitz as well as sentiment. With this family birthstone necklace, any mom can keep her family close by.

  • Material: 925 sterling silver
  • Names: up to 6 names(1-10letters per each)
  • Size : 3CM*3CM
  • Thickness :0.12 cm(0.048 inch)
  • Weight: 13g

The color of Birthday Stone: 

  • January-Garnet
  • February-Amethyst
  • March-Aquamarine
  • April-Crystal
  • May-Emerald
  • June-Light Amethyst
  • July-Ruby
  • August-Peridot
  • September-Sapphire
  • October-Rose quartz
  • November-Topaz
  • December-Blue zircon
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