2 Heart Rings Engraved

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Each 3 Monogrammed Initials In Each one Heat  ,Double Heart rings.

2 Person's Love Like 2 Meet  Hearts  ,Show Off you and he/she 's love with this Double Hearts Rings . 

Put you and he/she Full Name initials in each hearts to witness you love.

  • Material: 925 Silver 
  • Fonts: Monogram With Double Hearts Rings
  • Letters: 6 Letters (Each 3 initials In 1 Heart ,You and he/she Full Name Initials  For example :aBc, cDe)
  • Thickness:1MM(0.039inch)
  • Double Hearts Size :Each Height 1.2CM(0.47inch)
  • Circle size:Height:2MM(0.078INCH)
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